Interesting facts about the world of television

May 11, 2020 8:11 pm


Televisions are a staple in any household with many homes having more than one television set. Families often sit down together to watch their favourite programs – as long as their aerial is in full working order that is. A TV Aerial Installation Cardiff such as can have your watching the latest episode in crystal clear clarity in no time at all.

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Here are some interesting facts about the world of television.


John Logie Baird was actually the first person to transmit a picture. Although he didn’t develop the first television he did in fact transmit the first picture which was of a ventriloquist’s dummy, back in October 1925.


The first high definition television was actually produced in 1936, although this is nothing compared to what we class as high definition in today’s standards.


There are very few times in history when the BBC stopped broadcasting but during the Second World War they actually went off air for nearly 7 years in total.

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The test card image is one that we don’t see today but the 8 year girl that appeared in the image is actually the most aired face in history having appeared on the screens between 1967 and 1998.