All the best Greeks love a bit of Marble

May 11, 2020 8:09 pm


As they established themselves the states of ancient Greece decided it might be nice to decorate the place up a bit. As with pretty much all early human civilisations once they’d got the food, water and security element sorted out they suddenly had time to think about things a bit more. For many this gave them the chance to come up with science, philosophy, democracy, medicine and also a bit of art. In fact quite a lot of art and one of the mediums their artists worked in was marble. We still love a bit of the stuff today. Check out the Marble Tiles at to see what I mean.

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The Greek artists noticed that certain rock types glinted in the sun. They also found that it was easy to chip, work and shape. This seemed like a dream come true and they were soon sculpting the stuff into busts of famous thinkers and leaders but, most impressively, their Gods such as Zeus and Athena.

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Greek architects also got excited by marble. Their civic and religious buildings were soon made totally out of marble. One of the advantages being it was nice and cool in the hot Greek sun.