Time to protect your home from intruders

May 7, 2020 5:35 pm


Security in the home is an essential part of life in the modern era. Not only does it give you the sense of security and well being that your home is protected it also can have a direct effect on your insurance premium with the possibility of lowering it. What steps can you take to see about improving the home? A visit to a Locksmith in Dublin is a really good idea to start.

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  1. Getting a burglar/unauthorised entry alarm. This is one of the biggest improvements that you can do. An alarm like this will mean that if you are out then a dedicated system will be protecting your home. If the alarm is triggered you are contacted and if you cannot answer the police are informed.
  2. A new door. As the entrance to your home this is the weakest link in your defence against intruders. A decent door is a necessity without a shadow of doubt.

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  1. Windows. The first thing to do is look at double glazing. The strengthening of the glass panes in your windows is very important. Secondly and just as importantly the windows should have strong locks with individual keys.
  2. Security lights. Any dark spots and shadows in around your property can be places for intruders to hide. A few motion sensitive security lights will soon sort that out.


The idea is all about prevention. We want the prospective burglar to look at the property and think it’s just not worth it.