Should I get a smart meter?

August 28, 2020 6:58 am


Most households are now in the habit of regularly using comparison sites to check that they are paying as little as possible for their gas and electricity. But how many are on old meters that are preventing them from gaining additional savings?

Should I get a smart meterShould I get a smart meter

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How does a smart meter save money?

A smart meter allows you to continuously monitor your usage and take steps to reduce it. It could also give you access to cheaper energy tariffs. You won’t pay to have a meter installed, but there is a cost to installing smart meters in the form of increased energy prices for everyone.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter measures your gas and electricity usage and how much it will cost. Both direct debit and prepayment meter customers can have one fitted to their home, plus a

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The pros of getting a meter fitted are:

-Monitor usage in (almost) real time
-Precise billing
-Variable tariffs
-Quicker power cut resolution

The possible cons are:

-Payments may change
-Your energy data may be used for targeted ads
-Peak rates could be higher
-The meter needs a mobile signal

How does the meter work?

The meter will tell you how much gas and electricity you’ve used, then send that information to your supplier so they can prepare your bill. If you pay by direct debit, this will typically happen every month, but you can choose the frequency. The more often you send a reading, the more accurate your bill will be.

Current meters use old technology and require a manual reading. The new meters should remove the need for both a visit to read the meter and the estimated bill you receive if you’re not in when they call.

There are three essential components to a new smart meter setup:
-The new smart meter, which you can protect with an electric meter box, to replace your old one.
-A portable display unit for inside your home
-A communication hub which transmits readings to your display unit and supplier

How do you read it?

Your display will tell you how much energy you are using, the cost, usage in the last hour/week/month. and whether your usage is low, medium or high.

How do I get a smart meter?

Contact your energy supplier to ask for one, then arrange a date for the installation.