Comedy that happens in Kitchens.

August 27, 2020 7:33 am


Ever noticed how the kitchen seems to be the basis for so much comedy. It’s where some of the best comedic action happens. There are several examples where the jokes are said or are set up for later. The kitchen offers so many opportunities for comedy not only in the creation of bad cakes or food and it’s preparation. For example, in Morecombe and Wise’s famous Kitchen sketch, where they create their breakfast to the tune of “The Stripper” it was watched by some twenty eight million people as part of their Christmas special.

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Other sitcoms that use the kitchen have it as a way of bringing the characters together. This was more of a 70’s and 80’s ideal where the family would gather for meals, talk to Mum and to discuss the day’s events. Mrs Brown’s Boys still employs this idea as Mam dispenses wisdom or has a go at the cameraman. One of the best examples was Carla Lane’s Bread. Here the whole Boswell clan would gather to turn in the days “takings” and laugh at the others misfortunes. Compare this to the more modern My Family. The Harpers rarely met in the kitchen at all.

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However, it’s not just the family setting where the sitcom uses the Kitchen. The Good Life saw the kitchen as the hub for the Goods and Leadbetters to meet and clash over whether the chickens had got into Margo’s aspidistra again. They, like us, need a decent set of Fitted Kitchens Norwich, Surbiton, Liverpool way or anywhere. Find out more here.