Types of roof from the past

August 28, 2020 6:01 pm


Roofs are important. It is one of the first things that our mesolithic ancestors learned the moment they decided to give up on the living in caves lifestyle that they had going on. As they ventured out into the big wide world and began to build their homes they realised that they needed something above their heads to stop the pesky rain coming in. Thus the roof was invented. With the invention of roofs comes the need for roofers. One of the best is Modbay Roofers Norwich based firm. If you need a Roofers Norwich way then they are the one to choose. I expect the Mesolithic people would have liked to call them.

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  1. Thatch, grass and wood. As they were using it for the walls it seemed appropriate that the materials would do well on the roof as well. This was fine. Tightly packed thatch or straw was a pretty good way to keep out the rain. The only trouble was it needed to be changed alot.
  2. Treated wood. They moved on to covering thicker wood with a sticky substance called pitch. They also experimented with cloth coverings as well. Again this worked but the pitch had a tendency to go up like a match if fire got near it. This pitch and wood combination helped the Great fire of London blaze so well.

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  1. Slate. The Welsh had a natural advantage in having lots of it but eventually it became clear that this cuttable thin stone was perfect for roof’s. Eventually the whole of the UK began to use the stone.
  2. Terracotta tiles. The Greeks and Roman began to use tiles from clay. These could be nailed to beams of wood. The first proper roof’s were born.