Reasons to write your own wedding vows

July 27, 2020 5:36 pm


If you are plan your wedding this year, you will have a lot of your mind. Have you ever thought about writing your own wedding vows? This is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, so if you and your partner want to make the event a truly personal experience, then here are some reasons why writing your own vows to one another is a great idea:

  1. They are uniquely personal to you both. The words come straight from the heart and not just another person’s sentiments. You can say what you want, what you feel comfortable with and want to share with your partner and closest loved ones.

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  1. They can be fun. Vows don’t need to be stuffy, formal sentiments but can signify the joy and happiness you feel. From putting pen to paper, saying what you choose on the big day, makes your own promises to each other much more enjoyable. Especially when you add some humour into the mix too! Continue the personal touch by talking to your chosen venue about ways to make the day unique. For Wedding Venues Newbury, visit

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  1. It’s cathartic. For many people, expressing their thoughts with the written word makes them feel good. It’s very therapeutic and this is also the case when writing wedding vows. It gives couples the chance to look at things with fresh eyes when they sit down to write their vows and really think about why they loved the person they are marrying. It also helps to clear the mid of nerves and stress, providing a chance to refocus.