The Rooftop, a place to fall in Love, fight a terrorist and catch a Spy!

July 30, 2020 4:21 pm


Why is it that in many exciting television spy thrillers, terrorist attack sequences and Love Films the roof of a building is used to set the scene?  Depicting the story of Mary Poppins or Fiddler on the Roof without a rooftop scene would be impossible.  Either of these roofs could have been expertly repaired by companies specialising in Flat Roof Repair Bristol to make them safe for the actors and actresses to stand on.

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Since the 1960’s the use of a rooftop has been included in many dangerous scenes and it has become increasingly popular with films like;” Vertigo” and “The Italian Job” having made good use of the drama the height brings to their films.  An incredibly romantic place to fall in Love, a rooftop at night with the moon shining in the distance stirs up all sorts of feelings of passion and fun.  The animated hit movie “Aladdin” uses just that scenario when He and Princess Jasmin are enjoying the spectacular fireworks from their perch on the roof.

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Super Hero’s like Batman and Spiderman have used their special powers and strengths to conquer villains and the hearts of their girls.  Andrew Garfield in “The Amazing Spiderman” as Peter Parker struggling to tell his girlfriend Gwen Stacey about his secret life, hidden web and extra powers enjoys an incredibly romantic moment at night, on a rooftop with the City skyline in the distance.  How much more romantic can any film get?