Why Scientists are the Ultimate Superheroes

August 1, 2020 6:17 am


As we all suffer the consequences of a virus sweeping the world, our lives, jobs and holidays have been put on hold and many people have contracted and died from this new and sometimes deadly disease, all everyone wants is to be able to go back to normal.

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As life tentatively started to open up in the UK it was very clear that we were still a long way from normal. But hope is on the horizon – the vaccine being developed by Sarah Gilbert and her team at Oxford is looking like it is going to be successful and some reports say that if all goes as smoothly as hoped, it could start to be rolled out to the public as early as the end of this year – now what a fantastic Christmas present that would be!

It has also had the effect of inspiring a generation to become involved in science. The true superheroes, the scientists working on vaccines will be responsible for saving millions of lives – and be able to allow life to go back to normal as it once was. Even for Superman, that is quite an achievement!

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There are many careers available in science, from teaching to lab relocation services, to research – scientists have proven that what we really need to expand our horizons and to continue to make the world a better place is science! From televisions, to space rockets to cures for diseases – without the teams of scientists that worked on these we would be living in a very different world right now!