A Greek man is the Father of Medicine.

April 23, 2020 11:55 am


The man that we have to thank as the Father of Medicine is Hippocrates. His influence is so great that before a medical student can become a Doctor they have to sign up to the Hippocratic Oath. Although the modern criteria has moved on somewhat from the original it still stands up as being the first document or oath that an oath taker must swear, namely  to be practicing good medicine and above all to have ethics, before they can begin.

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Hippocrates is the first person to establish medicine and its practice as a profession. At first it was a part of the many schools of philosophy but under his work the field began to be seen as separate. Although we are now unsure of his actual contribution what is known is that he influenced two schools of thought in medicine one where clinical observation much like that of  some Adaptive Phase 1 Studies one would expect from services like https://www.richmondpharmacology.com/specialist-services/adaptive-phase-i-studies to have in place, was begun.

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The work and traditions of these Greek pioneers influenced many others including the great Roman Physician Galen and the work where they established that illness comes from the body and not the will of the God’s is now fully accepted.