Pests that can affect trees in the UK

September 4, 2020 5:38 pm


Trees provide us with many different items that we need for our existence and our ever expanding world. Timber Merchants Southampton way such as provide timber from a variety of trees to their clients, trees give us much needed oxygen and they even help to prevent flooding. But just like any other natural organism they can be affected by pests and diseases. Here are some of the pests that can affect trees in the UK.

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  • Ash dieback – it is thought that ash dieback will kill over 80% of the ash trees that can be found in the UK. It can affect trees of any age but it is thought that younger trees start to feel its effects much more quickly than older ash trees. The symptoms include dark patches on the leaves that then wilt and turn black. Lesions also appear on the join of the branches and the trunk.


  • Asian longhorn beetles – these beetles are not currently affecting trees in the UK but there is a potential for them to arrive on imported wooden goods. They produce large round holes around 1cm in diameter on the trunks of broad leafed trees and they damage the leaves by feeding on them. Any areas of young bark or shoots will also be affected as they strip them to feed on.

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  • Dutch elm disease – many people have heard of this disease and it has been the cause of the demise of millions of elm trees over the last 40 years or so. It causes the leaves to turn yellow and wilt and any new shoots will begin to die back.