Famous TV legal people

September 2, 2020 2:48 pm


Legal drama‚Äôs are generally reckoned to be some of the best on Television. The sight of a combative bewigged Barrister fighting to save or send down someone, impart due to their own detective work in some cases, can make for thrilling viewing. The work of Gloucester Solicitors like Dee and Griffin sadly doesn’t make the screen because they do all the prepwork. The Barrister in the UK or the Lawyer in the USA (where they perform both roles) is focused on as they are the ones who have to perform in the court. Here are three of the most memorable ones.

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  1. Kavanagh QC. Not content with being a cerebral Oxford detective devoted to crosswords and murders or a hard talking, hard drinking London Flying squad member John Thaw also gave us the intense Kavanagh. At one point he had to defend a tousled locked Ewan Mcgregor. Thaw himself hated wearing the wig.
  2. Rumpole of the Bailey. Another wig wearer this was the role that bumptious Leo Mckern was born to play. He brought the role to life and added to it. Even so, he would have preferred to be remembered for other roles. Despite being very English he was in fact Australian.

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  1. Perry Mason. A titan of the USA television fixtures Perry Mason strode around the courtroom as colossus. This was helped in part by the size of Raymond Burr being such a big guy. Mason was the original detective lawyer getting innocent people of the charge and generally restoring people’s faith in North American justice.