Humans and horses a friendship developed centuries ago

July 1, 2020 3:50 pm


Horses are incredible creatures and many people marvel at how majestic they are. Humans and horses have had a friendship for centuries and horses have carried us on our journeys and helped us to deliver items before we established businesses like Same Day Courier Gloucester company who can help with all your delivery needs.

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  • There are many things about the way horses look that attract people to these animals including their size and the grace and power with which they move around. It is however their eyes that often draw people in and they do in fact have the largest eyes of all land mammals across the globe. This is one of the many reasons why horses are seen to be amongst some of the most expressive animals around. They are also able to see almost 360 degrees around themselves due to the placement of their eyes on the side of their head.

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  • In the wild horses would be classed as prey animals and would be in danger of being stalked by a predator of one description or another. These predators will often pick off the elderly, the young and the weak within a herd. It is for this reason that horses are able to run within just a few short hours of being born. Allowing them to escape from any dangers that may come their way.