Home office set up and the Homeworking ideal

December 1, 2020 5:23 am


Now that we truly are into a long period of new working realities one of the first to be embraced is that of working from home. For many this new normal has been a revelation and is a wonderful new world that has been opened up to them. The daily, painful at times, commute is no more and the ability to simply turn off a laptop and be with family or friends straight away has meant that a return to the office might not be as positive as we might think. However for home working to be a success you really do have to be prepared for it.

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Firstly, having a proper desk is a must. Next day delivery office desks from Bestbuyofficechairs can provide you with a perfect setup that meets the room requirements within twenty four hours of order. When you have the proper set up it makes the experience of working from home so much more complete and your professionalism is greatly improved.

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There is considerable evidence that home workers are more motivated and more productive. Whilst they may not have the watchful eye of the boss over them the homeworker is more inclined to take less sick days as they feel that as they are at home they can soldier on and keep going. Employers that are happy for the staff to work from home at the moment may well find that when the crisis is gone they will have a tough job getting their workforce back into the office. The question is, if the current situation is working then why should they?