Tips for choosing the best blinds

December 2, 2020 5:09 am


These days when it comes to decorating our windows, there are a vast range of options. Typically, blinds have some kind of slats that are adjusted by means of a manual cord, but some can now also come with remote controls! They are much more flexible than curtains, allowing changes to filter light levels and levels of privacy. They can also be neatly pulled up or to the side, enabling outside views to be unobstructed. This Tewkesbury Blinds company, Laskeys Curtains and Blinds, can help advise you and install them for you.


How do you pick the best blinds for you?

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Roman blinds are a common option to fit any room, but keep in mind that over time, a pull cord that is constantly used will fray or wear out and need to be replaced. Roller blinds for bathrooms and kitchens are also practical choices. Dreaming of waterproof blinds for these rooms that can also quickly be washed clean can be made a reality.


Although not as stunning as some blinds, Venetian or shutters give the amount of light entering a room great practicality and power. Pair blinds and curtains to soften the appearance of bedroom windows, giving you more options for adjusting the window dressing at various times of day or night.

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Blackout blinds are particularly useful in the bedrooms of children to help prevent distractions from the sun waking them up early in the morning, especially during the summer months. They are also suitable for urban living, where light pollution can be a problem.


For young kids, for safety purposes, any blinds you pick do not have a chord they can hit. When fitting a blind into the bedroom of a child, make sure it is cordless or operates through a spring mechanism and be mindful that there is legislation on fitting blinds around kids.