Animals that adapt and change colour to suit their environment

May 6, 2020 2:28 pm


If asked to name at least one animal that can change colour and adapt to their habitat and environment most people would be able to say a Chameleon.  How about a Mimic or Cyanea Octopus, a Pacific Tree Frog or Crab Spiders?  These animals have evolved and adapted in order to hunt for their prey, hide from predators looking to eat them, woo a potential mate or as a general survival technique.

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Unlike these clever, colour changing wild creatures, most domesticated animals want to be seen, cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters all want to be cuddled, fussed over and loved. In order to be seen they need to be at the forefront of their owner’s thoughts and will meow, whoof and make themselves noticeable until they get the attention they crave. Like any smart animal, person or business you want to be at the forefront of any positive attention so take part in an SEO Training Course and soar like an Eagle to the top of the Google ladder.

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All the creatures that do change colour and have adapted to their environment have one thing in common that domesticated pets do not.  They are Ectotherms which means they cannot generate their own body heat but do have special cells that enable colour change. Their skins can absorb light which reacts with chemical pigments below the surface and the cells can then change colour.