Long term health effects of STIs

May 30, 2022 5:03 pm


Sexually transmitted infections can occur as a result of unprotected sex, anal sex, oral sex and through sharing unwashed sex toys. The types of infections that can be passed on include chlamydia, gonorrhoea and genital herpes. It is possible to detect these STIs and a number of other ones when you use a Home StI kits Bexley company. This allows the individual to undertake the test at home and send the sample for testing and analysis. Once the results are back they are sent to the individual who can then visit their GP or the local sexual health clinic to obtain any antibiotics or treatments that they may need.

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As well as the immediate effects and symptoms that can in some cases be experienced, there are instances where certain STIs can lead to long term health effects. Getting an early test if you experience symptoms or feel you have been put at risk can help you to receive appropriate treatment and minimise the chances of long term issues occurring.

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When left untreated this common infection can cause a number of problems in the future. It can lead to a pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause fever and lower abdominal pain. This can then cause scarring to occur in the Fallopian tubes which increases the risk of ectopic pregnancies and can also cause issues with fertility. When left untreated, pregnant women can find that their babies are born with lung and eye infections.


Again this STI can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and also to infection in the testicles. Infection in this area can then further lead to fertility problems in males. This can mean that couples who both contract Gonorrhoea can go on to have substantial problems in conceiving. There are also reports that gonorrhoea can increase the likelihood of transmitting HIV.