How to Style a Polo Shirt

October 9, 2019 2:05 pm



The polo shirt is a classic staple in most men’s wardrobes. If you don’t have one, then it’s time to get one. There are many looks you can achieve, so take the time to consider what fashion statement you want to make.

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There are many reasons polo shirts are so popular, Here are some tips to avoid a fashion faux pas.

The smart and stylish

Summer’s here and that means work barbecues and holidays. For a stylish look pair a polo shirt with your suit. It gives a sophisticated look but you can dress it down with a pair of white trainers.

Smart casual

If you have a button down polo shirt, then try combining it with a blazer and jeans. It’s the perfect smart casual look for holidays and dates. You can also try a jacket with black trousers and a blue polo.

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Don’t think polo shirts are just for smart dress. You can throw one on for an everyday casual look. Stick to neutral tones and pair with a bomber jacket.

The different types of polo shirts

Classic cut

Classic cuts are looser and more relaxed. They also have longer arms and, on occasions, a longer tail length

Custom cut

This type is shorter in length, both in the arms and body. They’re also a trimmer fit and not a great option for larger men.

Slim cut

Slim cuts are tighter fitting than custom cut shirts, and are also shorter at the back and front hem.

Further tips

Wear light jeans with a polo shirt if you want to look casual and dark jeans look smarter. Dress trousers can be combined with polos but if not done right, you’re looking at a fashion disaster. Always make sure the shirt meets the waistband to avoid looking scruffy.

To tuck or not to tuck

Some people think tucking in polo shirts creates the unwanted “dad” look. However, a slim fit shirt tucked into chinos looks great, if worn correctly. The shorter shirts look best, but it’s all about personal preference.

Now you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to enjoy the diversity of the polo shirt.