What are the Common Problems Experienced by Conveyor Systems?

February 23, 2021 6:50 am


The main components used in modern conveyor systems are pulleys, belts, and a packaging conveyor. Each of these components is used for different purposes and for different reasons. There are some common problems experienced by conveyor systems and the potential solutions found through technological advancements. These potential solutions can be applied to common problems experienced by existing and new conveyor systems.

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The first common problem experienced by most belts is when a loose belt or chain is dragging through the middle of a chute or other device and encounters resistance. In the past the only real way to deal with this problem was to tighten the belt so that the chain no longer was being tugged at and the belt moved freely. Newer belt conveyors allow you to simply turn the adjustment knob and the belt will be free of resistance and able to continue through the application. In some cases this one adjustment can solve an entire problem and the operator just needs to know it’s there. For Pneumatic Conveying Systems, visit a site like Aptech, suppliers of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

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The second most common problem is that a belt becomes stuck between two items or between two stacks of containers. Again the potential cause could be one of a few different issues. Sometimes belts get caught on things and either slip or rub off and damage parts. Other times the belts just get too hot and wear out quickly. Still other belts can just plain get worn out and give. Regardless of the cause there are a few simple fixes available to operators that can quickly and easily mend the problem and keep the conveyor running smoothly.