Adding some flavour to your home made spirits

November 5, 2020 1:16 pm


Making spirits at home is not as hard as you might first think and making flavoured spirits is even easier. You can either by spirit making kits or perfect the art of plain vodkas and gins at home or there is a very simple way to add your own chosen flavours to drinks. All you need is your preferred spirit and your chosen flavours which you can find from Stringer Flavour who is a Flavouring Manufacturers.

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Once you have chosen your base spirit such as vodka, gin or rum you can get started on deciding which flavour you would like to make. You can flavour dark spirits such as whiskey but the process is a little harder than with white spirits.

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Grab yourself a kilner jar and after you have sterilised it (you can do this by placing it a dishwasher) you can get all of the ingredients for your flavoured spirit. If you are using fresh fruit you will need around 200g for every litre of spirit that you are going to add. This can be quite expensive in the long run and you might find that the subtle flavours of some fruits might not come through strongly enough for you. So, instead (or in addition to the fruit) you can use flavourings from companies like the one mentioned above.


You will soon get the hang of knowing how much flavouring and fruit to add to your drinks and this method means that you will have your own flavoured spirits made in no time.