Why timber cladding is so popular

November 28, 2020 3:45 am


When designing a sleek and modern home, timber cladding is an outstanding material. Oak Feather Edge Cladding like that fromĀ  https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-products/cladding/ is extremely flexible, a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice of material with clear economic advantages. Timber, also used in architectural history, brings charm and a special touch to structures and has for hundreds of years been part of architecture.

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In construction, recycled timber continues to play a critical role today as designers develop smart ways to adopt it in beautiful commercial and residential buildings. In how we live and operate, responsible investing and sustainability have become major themes, with content and supply chain alternatives being market drivers in modern building.

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Timber can be found in the trendiest bars in Shoreditch or relaxed, modern properties in the suburbs, from uneven burnt recycled larch to smooth panels. It wonderfully lends itself to every mission. Architects are able to stretch the content limits, constructing beautiful structures with a number of styles of wood. As a result, for a wide variety of building designs, recycled wood tends to be chosen, making it a versatile material for architects and designers alike.


In cladding profiles, such as recycled timber wall cladding, and in numerous designs and creative ways developed by architects, wood can be used.


It is convenient for artists to put their visions into life, due to the diverse nature of timber, which can be more challenging for other materials.