Can we still use gas to heat our homes?

July 6, 2021 5:49 am


As with any question to do with the environment we face a tough choice. At the moment most people still use natural gas to heat their homes via a boiler. This heats up water which then passes through pipes to radiators. Ovens are also gas powered and generally provide a good all round cooking heat. Stoves and Hobs alos use them and this is accepted to be the best way to heat woks and pans. However Natural gas is a fossil fuel. This means that when we use it, that’s it, there is no more after it’s gone. Therefore this finite resource has a defined shelf life.

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So what’s the alternative? One thing that you can do is make sure that all things that you have that use gas are running to their top efficiency. A Boiler Service Cheltenham based company like Blu Fish can provide that service so you know everything is ship shape.

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One thing is certain: it’s very difficult to be “green”. Choosing to get energy from a supplier that uses solar, wind and water might be one step but it doesn’t solve the issue of gas in the home. Most UK homes still use Natural gas and unless an alternative is found this is going to be a huge issue. The drive for solar panels seems to be the only solution. Maybe by the middle of the century we shall all have one and they will need to be serviced instead of gas boilers.