What is Classed As a Disability?

May 26, 2021 3:05 pm


Classifying a disability can sometimes be a complex task especially in the case of individuals with learning disabilities, mental impairments or physical limitations. The first step in disability assessment involves defining the type of disability and what are the different classifications of disability. Disability classifications can include physical impairment, mental impairment, learning disability, sensory impairment and physiological impairment. Learning disabilities can include such things as poor eye-sight, lack of coordination problems and dyslexia.

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When a person has been diagnosed with a disability, it’s important to know that this can help towards a care package for that individual. This helps with filing for disability benefits. The Disability Discrimination Act provides the basis on which applications are evaluated and approved or rejected. The act specifies what should be classed as a disability, the procedure to determine eligibility and how the cost for disability claims are to be calculated. You might need professional advice to help you understand what is classed as a disability, how claims for it are processed and whether or not your application for disability benefits will be approved. For information on WAV Vehicles, go to https://clarkemobility.com/

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A disability, simply put, is defined as a characteristic or condition judged to be substantially impaired relative to an average of an ordinary person or group of individuals. Disabilities can impact people in various ways. Common examples of disabilities are age-related illnesses, impaired vision due to eye injury, learning disabilities, and certain congenital conditions. Because some disabilities are the result of an underlying condition that has not been treated, the care of such a condition is necessary in order to prevent disabilities from developing.