Weird Water facts that might surprise you.

June 16, 2020 3:33 pm


Next to oxygen, water is one of the most essential elements on the planet earth. Our bodies are made up of seventy percent water. If we don’t drink regularly and keep our fluid levels up then things start to go wrong quickly. We also use water in a practical sense for washing and removing human waste. However it has its limits and if you end up with  Blocked Drains Dartford, Grays or even Tonbridge way then just click the link. What else is cool about water?

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  1. Most of the freshwater in the world is in glaciers. This is dropping rapidly as the climate changes.
  2. Water is great at dissolving things. It is even better than sulfuric acid!
  3. Do you like beer? It takes twenty gallons to make one pint of it.
  4. Perhaps you’re more of an omelette person? If so you should know that it takes one hundred and twenty gallons per egg.

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  1. We need to talk about leaks. It is thought that fifty percent of city water is lost to them.
  2. You can go a whole month without food but without water you won’t last a week.
  3. Even though we need water eighty five percent of the world’s population lived in the driest part of the globe!