The coolest pieces of clothing there are

August 23, 2021 4:16 pm


What are the most coolest pieces of clothing available or have ever been? We don’t expect you to agree with all of these choices as they provoke debate and discussion at the best of times. It might inspire you to think about your own clothes. Why not have a quick look at Mens Levi Jackets (on the list) from EJ Menswear for start point.

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  1. The Pinstripe Suit. It’s had a little bit of chequed past being in and out of vogue but it’s a design classic and has remained popular. It’s hard not to look classy and cool in one.
  2. Denim/Black leather Jacket. The staple uniform of the Hollywood bad boy and the rock gods prefered item to keep the chill out. The Denim/Balkc Leather jacket are synonymous with the cool anti hero. John Bender in Breakfast Club and Arnie in Terminator 1 and 2 as an example.

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  1. Black Blazer with white pIping. The balzer has had a bit of a renaissance lately and it’s still got a classy feel to it. It goes with anything. It’s made famous by Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner as one man fights to retain his individuality and freedom. Be seeing you!
  2. Blue jeans. Rockers, Punks, Hippies, Nu wave, all the musical tastes that we have feature a performer in a decent pair of jeans. It’s a leveller and its something that we can all wear together.
  3. Shades. Every face looks better with a pair of shades. Just look at the Blues Brothers.