The issues that affect British trees

May 11, 2020 10:09 pm


Sadly, despite our island status and the protection that the sea gives us, our native trees can still come under attack from diseases and pests. For example the 1970’s saw the catastrophic loss of the  UK’s Elms population to Dutch Elm disease. So much so that not even a Tree Surgeon Poole based company could save them. With careful conservation and protection the Elm tree is set to make a comeback. What problems face our woods and forests now.

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  1. Ash dieback. This disease is so bad it is thought that we will lose almost ninety five percent of Ash trees in the country. It is a fungus that preys causes leaves to wilt. It will have a huge knock on effect to species that rely on Ash for shelter and food.
  2. Acute Decline of the Oak Tree. The heart of England is getting ill. The decline in Oak trees is due in part to a variety of causes. Flooding, pollution and a lack of suitable habitat have all contributed.

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  1. The invasion of Citrus and Longhorn beetles. Luckily we do not have them here in the UK, yet. If they do they have the capacity to strip trees. They eat the leaves and bore holes in the bark so that the tree is susceptible to other pests.