Ten tricks used in new-build show homes

September 23, 2020 6:09 pm


Buying a house is one of the most important purchases you will make in your life and usually the most expensive. We don’t always buy with our heads – in many situations, our heart takes over and a house just feels ‘right.’ Here are some of the tricks employed to make you fall in love with a new-build show home.

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1. Mirrors

This is one of the oldest tricks and one many home decorators know. Mirrors reflect light and make a space appear larger.

2. Light

Leaving all the lights on in the show home is a clever trick used to disguise a lack of natural light. Don’t be afraid to turn the lights off as you go round to see where the natural light falls.

3. Light walls

Pale walls with no patterns add to the illusion of space and create a calming feeling as you move around.

4. No walls

Open-plan spaces remove the need for walls and doors, creating space and reducing cost. Be sure to note the actual measurements when you get the information on buying a house from the developer.

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5. No doors

Doors and their swing area take up space. Taking them off in show homes gives an illusion of more space. They will be replaced after a sale.

6. Small furniture

Do you think there is plenty of space to walk around a bed? If so, get your measuring tape out, as it is probably a bespoke smaller model designed to make the room look more spacious.

7. Less furniture

Leaving out key pieces of furniture is another trick. Consider your storage space.

8. Carpet throughout

The same carpet throughout helps the flow of the house. Keeping it a light colour works the same as for walls, making the space look bigger.

9. Shiny surfaces

Like mirrors, shiny surfaces reflect light. Check out the dining table – it might well be glass with chrome legs, making the space look bigger.

10. Hot stuff

The heating is always on, whatever the weather, so you don’t linger and spot the other tricks!

If you need any information on buying a house, don’t be afraid to ask.

It is absolutely within your right to ask lots of questions and knowing these tricks will help you to make a more informed decision.