How to look after your garden in winter

September 28, 2020 5:32 pm


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Now that the autumn nights are drawing in, the last of the summer blooms are starting to fall and the short lived autumn colour will soon be gone by mid November. Therefore it’s time to start to think about what you are going to do about looking after the garden. What can you do to make sure you prize possessions don’t succumb to frost damage and too much wet weather?


First of all, make sure that the lawn is cut down. The whole of the garden is going into a kind of stasis, apart from the winter flowering bulbs, and the lawn is no exception to this. It will soon start up again come the Spring. If you have a decent mower like a Briggs and Stratton make sure you have enough Briggs and Stratton Parts like those available from to deal with any breakages with your equipment.

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The next thing to do is go through all your old pots and see what it is that looks like it can survive and come back next year. Some things like Fuchsias for example are quite hardy but it is a good idea to move them into a garden shed that has access to light or better still a greenhouse as there winter quarters. Others can be covered in mypec or cloth to protect from the cold weather. With global warming cold is not the enemy it once was. It is a much better idea to ensure the garden has decent drainage as we are more likely to get a milder, very wet time instead.