How a clean office can increase productivity

August 13, 2020 2:14 pm


What’s one of the quickest ways of increasing the productivity of your staff? If you want to get a quick win for your reception staff then Get new chairs for your reception area. Reception Chairs are one of the first things that people see when they enter the building and that includes the staff. Why do you need to have a tidy office? Here are some basic reasons why you do.

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  1. It will make for greater productivity in your staff. It’s a proven fact. Making sure that desks are decluttered and that there are plenty of bins around for recycled and our recycled waste.
  2. A clean office will reduce the amount of sick days that you get. Viruses that cause colds and harmful bacteria love to have a dirty surface to live on. Add all that paper and discarded rubbish and you have a full on breeding ground. Keeping it clean will result in a reduction of occurrences of sickness.

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  1. Less clutter equals a more focused mind. Employees find that they can concentrate to greater depth if they do not have piles of paper all over the desk or have to wade across oceans of rubbish to get anywhere. The paperless office is a great idea for keeping the amount of paper levels at a minimum. Look to send an email or create an electronic form that staff members can use. Utilise Webex and Teams to do online training and keep materials down.