Why it might be time for a .store domain

September 21, 2020 6:55 pm


Think of a word – any word, or even a phrase. Then, search for it with the search engine of your choice; just be careful if you picked something that isn’t safe for work. Chances are someone has already registered it as a domain, with a .com or a .net at the end of it. Either that or it’s so obscure no one would ever think to search for it. It’s a real problem for entrepreneurs starting an online business or small local businesses looking to move online. And the way this year is going, that applies to a lot of people.

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More choices

Figuring out a business name isn’t easy, but once you’ve picked one out and you’re ready to buy domain names, finding someone else has already claimed the one you want is a major hurdle, even more so if you’ve been trading offline with that name already.

The major benefit of a .store domain is that there aren’t many of them. They’re fairly new, so the good ones aren’t all taken. You have much more freedom when selecting a .store domain than many other kinds, so you can come up with the perfect name for your business or service and not have to work around choices someone else made years ago. Starting a business is stressful enough without that hassle.

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Clear messaging

A .store domain makes it obvious that the site it points to is a shop in a way that a .com can’t. There’s a reason Amazon, Nike, and major music artists are turning to .store domains to sell their products and merchandise. Having a .store domain helps your marketing; no need to tell potential customers that you’re a shop, so you can concentrate on promoting messages that matter like value for money and brand identity. A .store can be really beneficial for search engine optimisation, too. Most people who come to a .store domain are ready to buy. They didn’t just get lost looking for information on a product category.

How to register a .store domain

You can register a .store domain the same way you’d register any other domain. Go to a domain registration service such as https://www.names.co.uk/domain-names, search for the name you want, and click ‘buy.’

Just for fun, try the same name with a .com, .net, or .co.uk prefix. It won’t be available.