How Does Air Conditioning Work?

August 2, 2021 6:52 pm


Air conditioning is a mechanical process that removes heat from the environment and changes the temperature of the surrounding area. The cooler the temperature, the lower the interior temperature will be. A window air conditioner changes the temperature outside to the temperature inside the room by removing humidity and water vapors. This process takes place by pulling the warm air out of the air conditioning unit evaporating it into the air where the cooler air replaces it.  and Air Conditioning company Gloucester can fit one for you.

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How air conditioning works in a home is by pulling in air and changing the temperature, which then makes the room cooler by removing humidity. The change in room temperature is achieved through a series of ducts and fan systems that pull in the air and change the temperature at a predetermined point. It also pulls in cool air from the outside, forcing it into the room. This air is changed into the room’s normal temperature through the use of a controlled fan and the changing of a pressure control valve on the outlet of the air conditioning system.

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How does an air conditioning unit to cool the temperature of an indoor area? An air conditioning system has three different parts: the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. These parts all pull air from the outdoors and change its temperature by compressing and releasing it into the indoor area. How air conditioning works is very similar to how a refrigerant works in a home, it just uses a different medium to change the indoor temperature.