Working as a receptionist

June 5, 2020 3:56 pm


When it comes to working as a receptionist there are a number of common tasks that you will probably be expected to carry out. Given the proper desk space, a Draughtsman Chair for comfort and a computer, here are some of the job tasks for you to look through.

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Welcoming visitors – This is the most common task that receptionists undertake. Welcoming visitors into a business building is incredibly important in creating a good customer service experience. It may also require you to sign them in and issue them with a visitors badge.

Responding to emails – Enquiry emails are often monitored by receptionists who can either reply directly or forward them on to the relevant person in the business for answering.

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Telephone calls – Taking calls that come into a businesses general number is also a common task for receptionists. Again this gives them the ability to deal with any general enquiries quickly and to

Booking meeting rooms – For those companies with meeting rooms, it often falls to the receptionist to manage this. This can include booking the meeting room on a calendar schedule as well showing any visitors to the room and preparing refreshments and any meeting materials that are needed.