How to plan a holiday with elderly, disabled parents.

June 30, 2022 4:52 am


You are planning a holiday with your elderly, partially disabled parents, how do you make sure everything is suitable for them?  First of all, find out exactly what type of holiday they would like to go on.  Staying in England is top of their must have list, closely followed by, a good, quality hotel, with a lift or ground floor accommodation, entertainment, healthy, home cooked food, places of interest nearby, and a garden or nearby park to take a leisurely stroll around after an evening meal.

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When you ring the chosen hotel make sure to enquire if they have a good range of Disability Aids supplied by a company such as check if they have a walk in shower or wet room alongside wheelchair access to the rooms, restaurant, ballroom and gardens.  Check out the TripAdvisor website and read several reviews of your chosen hotel, if they are up to date, and mostly positive you can be reasonably sure the hotel is suitable for the needs of your parents.

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Once all your checks have been completed, ring the hotel, and make the booking directly with them.  It’s always best to speak to a receptionist at the hotel rather than trying to book online, especially when you have several complicated requests.  Book one of the disabled rooms for your parents and another room for yourself as close by as you can, that way you have peace of mind that you are close at hand should they need you in an emergency.