Do you think that’s wise Sir? A few things about John Le Mesurier

June 18, 2020 3:16 pm


Despite his very French, even Norman sounding, surname John Le Mesurier was usually cast in the role of the quiet, unassuming English man from the Government office. His wonderfully understated and slightly despairing roles stood him in good stead throughout his long career. He is best known for his role of Sergeant Wilson in the sitcom Dad’s Army. Here he played the long suffering second in command, in both the bank where they worked and the Warmington on Sea Home Guard, to the irascible and  slightly incompetent Captain Mainwaring.

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John was born in Bedford and had many happy memories of the place. This is true of anyone who lives there. For example there are a lot of calls for Park Homes for Sale Bedfordshire area and you should have a look at to see what we mean.

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The reason why John played the lowly clerk so well was because for a time he was one. Upon leaving school he followed his solicitor Father into the business. He despised it and had become interested in acting and performing whilst at school (which he also hated). He began to appear in amateur productions and soon decided that this was life for him.