The time to insulate the home is now

May 5, 2021 7:27 pm


There has been some rather disappointing news of the government recently that is going to have a big impact on its ability to hit its green targets. Put simply our homes are not green enough. In fact they are the worst in Europe. We could dismiss this as unimportant as we are no longer part of Europe anymore (or at least in the sense of the EU) but it remains the world view that we are going to be measured against our neighbours. Regardless of the politics we all need to stop the heat loss now.

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There are several ways we can start to change our homes to a more insulated and greener setting. The first thing to do is replace or get double glazed windows immediately. Luckily new build houses come with double glazing as standard. It is amazing how much heat is lost this way through the window pane.

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Many people have LED lights. These are brilliant low power but still very illuminate lights. They do give of a fair bit of heat and this can be harvested via the use of Downlight Covers like those from Thermahood Direct. The heat is directed back into the room. Most LED lights are Pot lights in the ceiling. This creates annoying draughts.


The final option is to have cavity wall insulation. This also comes as standard in most newbuilds but it still represents a large amount of work to be done on older properties.