The interesting world of Estate Agents

May 5, 2021 6:19 am


An estate agent is someone or company who organised the sale, renting, managing or holding of property and other assets. An estate agent can be called either a landlord’s agent or a letting agent. Many Gloucester Estate Agents such as TGRES specialise in either the buying or selling of residential and commercial properties. It is the job of an estate agent to secure the best possible deal for his/her client so as to make a profit and minimize his or her own risk.

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In many cases, it is necessary for estate agents to use independent chartered surveyors to ensure that the property they are buying or selling is free from any kind of legal liabilities or encumbrances. Chartered surveyors carry out these investigations by carrying out checks of the building in order to identify any defects that might affect the overall quality of the property. After being provided with adequate evidence of these defects, the estate agent decides whether to negotiate with the owner concerning these issues or whether to move on and look elsewhere. In the case of a sell and rent back plan, an estate agent might have to enter into negotiations with the client in order to agree upon a suitable exit price for the property.

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In order to hire chartered surveyors to carry out these checks, an estate agent needs to first obtain a full list of all the current members of the panel who are authorised to carry out such inspections. The full list of all the members is usually published by the Government within the Building Regulations Act itself or in the local neighbourhood plan.