Keeping safe in older age is easier with a few gadgets

January 7, 2021 4:22 pm


Growing old means that you want to feel safe in your home so that you can enjoy it and have the peace of mind that should the untoward happen help is not too far away. Homecare Gloucester are one of best at ensuring that you are looked after but so that you get some independence there are a few gadgets on the market that can be of tremendous help to you. Here are a few examples.

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In today’s technology-centered world, instead of assisted living centres, it is better than ever for seniors to stay in the safety of their own homes. There is practically no impediment to safe senior living that can not be bought, installed, and placed into operation for anything from wireless tracking systems to automated drug dispensers. And while it may seem a bit, well, emotionally distant to have so many gadgets to rely on, the fact is that there are these different types of technology to make us feel more human.

A First Warning light is perfect in that, for quick set-up, it screws straight into an existing light socket. Because it detects motion in all directions, you can rest assured knowing that you will still have a well-lit space to travel easily, no matter where you go, without risk of tripping over furniture or rugs.

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A stove Burner Alarm is particularly helpful for seniors who, although multi-tasking in the kitchen, could be more susceptible to absentmindedness. Specific discs that fit snugly under burner knobs can warn you that the stove top is in operation at timed intervals. At the following minute increments, users can get both auditory and visual cues with beeps and blinks: 3, 9, 15, 30, 45, and 60 accordingly.