“Drive up your house price” with a driveway

February 18, 2022 10:46 am


Home-owners who are looking to improve the exterior of their house could build a driveway instead of a pathway. A driveway could be a better option because it provides a private area to hold your vehicle off the road.

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Concrete driveways are strong and more durable. Moreover, they are easy to clean and wash. These have become popular due to their undeniable benefits.

If you have a heavyweight car, you may well require a strong concrete driveway because it is much stronger and more durable than other materials.

The minimum age of a concrete driveway is about twenty years. It also does not require constant maintenance. That is why concrete has become the most popular material for constructing driveways, parking lots, and roads.

The versatile design is attractive and first impressions can be extremely positive.  Private driveways will typically increase the property value of your home.  If you decide later to sell it could add thousands of pounds onto the value.

If you are looking to invest into your property and do not have the available finances to do so, you could consider a remortgage.  Interest rates at the time of writing this (21st January 2022) are as low as 2% on long term mortgages.

If you have decided to share the property then you may want to consider using a transfer of equity solicitor like Sam Conveyancing so that you and your partner can share the benefits of the additional revenue later down the line together.

The design and colour of driveways can be varied greatly. You can choose any colour and design of your choice. Not only can it be built in different colours, but you can also make any texture or pattern on it.

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The cost of concrete driveways is cheaper than other materials. The maintenance and repair cost is also very low. It is the best investment to improve and beautify the exterior of your house. The light-emitting character of concrete materials helps to illuminate the driveways at night with less light. Concrete also does not become too hot in summer.

All the above-mentioned benefits are appealing and attractive. These characteristics cannot be found in other materials.