Some Reasons to Use Condoms

September 15, 2020 7:40 am


When people talk about reasons to use condoms, the first that comes to mind is because they are safe and provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). That is true, but is there any other reason to use them? They can also prevent unwanted pregnancy, of course.

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If you’re talking to an adult who’s been sexually active for some time, they are probably already aware of what’s involved in an STD. If you’re talking to a young person who’s just recently had sex, they may not be so knowledgeable. For most teenagers, the most common STD they will have heard of is likely to be chlamydia. This is an infection that can lead to a variety of different health problems if left undiagnosed. For more information on Greenwich Home STI kits, visit a site like Greenwich Sexual Health

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So, when you hear someone talk about reasons to use condoms, don’t be surprised if they mention one of these things. If you’re at all concerned that someone you know might be infected with an STD, you should have them regularly checked by a doctor. The doctor will be able to test them for an STD and recommend the right course of action. They should also be able to tell you about some of the other ways in which they can be used to improve your sexual health. For a more discreet test, home testing kits can be delivered directly to your home.