Indoor Activities for Lockdown that will make your House Smile

June 2, 2020 3:49 pm


If you, like many, have been furloughed during the UK lockdown, you may have spent the time doing up your garden. There has been a huge demand for garden products over the last couple of months – the nice weather and the fact there is little else to do has seen high demand for things from compost and plant pots, to garden furniture and hot tubs! But now your garden is looking lovely, you may want to get started on the inside of the house too!

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Many people have used the opportunity during lockdown to experiment a bit with home décor. Wallpapering, wall painting techniques and even murals are some of the ways people have been keeping busy whilst giving their home a makeover. Even Banksy got in on the act!

Finishing off or even starting big jobs that have maybe needed doing for a while is another popular past time at the moment! Clearing out a garage, getting a roof mended, or contacting Cheltenham boilers to replace a boiler that is on it’s last legs in time for winter are not the most fun of jobs, but the result is always well worth it!

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Some people have been doing a complete home makeover – from moving furniture around, replacing old furniture, or even upcycling the furniture they have to breathe new life into it, you would be very surprised how much of a difference a change in furniture can make to a room.