Facts you may not know about STIs

September 16, 2021 10:33 am


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are one type of infection that has been impacted positively since we have all been encouraged to reduce our contact with people as a result of the current pandemic. These infections can cause all kinds of issues from infertility through to life long health conditions.

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It is thought that over a million sexually transmitted infections are passed on from one person to another every day across the world. That is a lot of infections. Of these there are around thirty different bacterias and viruses that can be passed on as a part of sexual contact. Of these there are eight that occur on high levels across our populations.

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There are four of the most common eight infections that can be curable with medications (although some of these are evolving to become antibiotic resistant and are proving harder for medical science to deal with) and these including syphilis, gonerhoea and chlyamdyia – all of which can be detected on tests from Home StI kits Greenwich companies like https://www.greenwichsexualhealth.org/home_sti_kits.

The other four STIs are currently incurable although their symptoms and long term health effects can be managed with medications. These include HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis B and HPV. These can also be picked up on a variety of tests and HPV is checked for during a woman’s regular smear test and there is now a vaccine aimed at helping to prevent the spread of HPV.