Perfecting the mod style

November 2, 2020 5:30 pm


Mod fashion was a huge UK trend in the 1980s, following a style that was adopted by rock bands like The Who and The Jam. If you’re looking to recreate this timeless style, you’ll only need a few important items.

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Mod style is all about tailoring, narrow cuts, bright shades and bold prints. It’s the perfect look for guys who love a combination of casual yet sophisticated.

The check shirt is a must with a fitted shape and all the buttons done up to the neck. Alternatively, a buttoned-up polo shirt works just as nicely. Cover with a mac and some navy trousers and you’re ready to Mod it up.

When it comes to jackets, you might think the parka is where it’s at. While there’s nothing wrong with a parka for a Mod look, you’ll find a bomber jacket more versatile. The bomber jacket is a casual option that can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion or mood. When paired with a polo shirt or shirt, zip up the jacket to halfway and you’ve got instant Mod factor. Get this look with Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jackets at a site like EJ Menswear.

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When it comes to jeans, your best bet is a slim fit with a tapered finish that can be rolled up at the bottom to flash the fancy footwear. Slim fit chinos are also a popular Mod choice along with boxy jackets to create a seamless smart casual vibe.