How to style a white T-shirt

September 6, 2021 2:49 pm


When in doubt, white T-shirts are staple-wear for fashionable attire. White can be easily used alongside arrays of options for an outfit and few other garments work as well for us as our white Ts. What makes them so handy in your wardrobe is the number of ways you can mix it up and still come out looking like a million dollars. Here are some styles that can really work for you.

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White T-shirt and overcoat

This is one of the more convenient combinations which often works well. Perfect for work or smart/casual events, and works a treat in the winter. This bodes as a good solution for unpredictable weather since layering up will no longer be a must-do, giving even more flexibility with outfits. If struggling to decide what to wear, or rushing out after being called to a last-minute meeting, here is the perfect solution. For more casual combinations there are options such as mens Superdry T shirts, which work well with overcoats as some have designs or artwork on them.

White T-shirt and suit

The white T-shirt and suit combination works when you think it shouldn’t. The line between smart and casual are blurred in a unique way which allows you to get away with this outfit at both types of events even more so than the T-shirt and overcoat option. For this, a relatively plain white T is more commendable, though some artwork still gets the job done such as those on mens Superdry T shirts. Being white, it works well with every suit colour that comes to mind. For those with a habit of wearing unorthodox styles and colours, this is the perfect way to look smart and still be you. No matter what your favourite colour is, you can wear it and still look the part.

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There are a number of ways to pull off a creative outfit with a white T-shirt. Some of the best-known options being mens Superdry t shirts which are sought-after and have been rated at 4 or 5 stars by customers.

All that’s left is to remember to separate them from all your other colours when you put them through the wash.