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The great debate

Posted on: June 1, 2020

When it comes to warehouse design one of the hardest questions that the designers need to address, and discuss, is whether to feature pallet racking or Longspan racking. Whichever one you decide on, rest assured you can get  a full and comprehensive selection and service from You can be sure that they will be able to help and advise you in all of these matters. What are the advantages of Longspan racking? Image credit…

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Why we use a spray gun for Plasma Spray

Posted on: May 28, 2020

There are a large number of very good reasons why companies like will use a themal spray gun for the application of nickel sulfate or plastic polymers Plasma Spray. In the past the traditional way to apply super heated materials was via an arc welder as this was the only way the high temperature could be achieved. However, this was fine for non flammable material but flammable substances could not be addressed in this…

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Advantages of Using Accounting Software

Posted on: May 11, 2020

The software can work faster and minimizes any mistakes once it is built up with the right commands. It saves you money and provides many other benefits. It brings more efficiency with less efforts. It can produce reports and receipts very quickly after sales and purchases. It can also update all linked accounts automatically. Manual bookkeeping takes much effort and more time. The chances of error are also there. Businesses can face much loss due…

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Website Management Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: May 4, 2020

Having an online presence is more than just sticking a site up on the web. If it isn’t managed correctly, your site may not achieve your goals or may even do more harm than good. If it is not linked to your company’s overall branding and company message this too can cause further issues. Here are five top mistakes to avoid when managing your website. Image Credit 1. Not Establishing Goals All too often, a…

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Transformer Cores Demystified

Posted on: October 9, 2019

Transformer cores are found everywhere in modern society. Transformers are used to increase or decrease the alternating voltages in electrically powered applications. By the time this electricity reaches your house or workplace, it will have passed through several transformers. Some of those will be in substations, some will be in domestic appliances. Others will be orbiting the earth in satellites or deep under the sea. Image Credit Why do we use transformers? When electrical power…

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