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The origin of Aran Sweaters

Posted on: June 11, 2021

Aran Sweaters, like the ones from Shamrock Gift are an extremely popular type of sweater for men in the UK. These sweaters have a very distinct look about them, which can either be very gruffy, or very relaxed depending upon how you wear them. They are perfect to wear during the coldest days of winter, yet still look very stylish and cool in the summer months when you want to wear something that is more…

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Menswear Buying Tips

Posted on: June 10, 2021

The industry has recently been growing very quickly in particular over the last decade, this has also spiced up the growth in menswear within men as a whole. Menswear as a general industry has grown much quicker than womenswear over the last three years at a time. In terms of total sales, the menswear industry is approximately three times smaller than womenswear. However, it is growing and growing as men begin to want to shop…

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First date outfits for men

Posted on: January 26, 2021

A first date can be pretty daunting and surprisingly, it can take a lot of time to decide what to wear. Men should put thought into what they will wear to a first date as it shows their date that they have put effort into the outing. First impressions can be lasting impressions! Here are a few tips for men on what to wear to a first date. It is not about how much money…

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Essential Men’s Grooming Items

Posted on: December 21, 2020

The essentials for grooming are actually very easy to find and if you take a bit of effort, it can really pay off and allow you to keep that tidy and healthy skin that you want. It is actually surprising the amount of male grooming items that men tend to neglect and some of the things that fall into this category include shampoos, aftershaves, shaving creams, gels and conditioners. So, what are the essentials that…

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How to Develop Individual Style

Posted on: December 8, 2020

It is all about trying new things, and that includes trying different things on your own, and using your own natural talents and abilities to improve your own personal style and personal development. By doing so, you will be able to truly live a very fulfilling life with your skills and your talents. There are so many advantages to doing it the right way. Image credit One of the biggest benefits in learning how to…

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Perfecting the mod style

Posted on: November 2, 2020

Mod fashion was a huge UK trend in the 1980s, following a style that was adopted by rock bands like The Who and The Jam. If you’re looking to recreate this timeless style, you’ll only need a few important items. Image credit Mod style is all about tailoring, narrow cuts, bright shades and bold prints. It’s the perfect look for guys who love a combination of casual yet sophisticated. The check shirt is a must…

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Five interesting facts about the Aran sweater

Posted on: August 27, 2020

The Aran sweater is more than an item of clothing – it is also representative of a way of life and rich heritage. You might already be aware of some of the history, but let’s look at five interesting facts. Image Credit Beginnings The sweater designs came from the women of the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, who originally made them as functional sweaters for the fishermen. Warm and waterproof, they were…

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How to Style a Polo Shirt

Posted on: October 9, 2019

The polo shirt is a classic staple in most men’s wardrobes. If you don’t have one, then it’s time to get one. There are many looks you can achieve, so take the time to consider what fashion statement you want to make. Image Credit There are many reasons polo shirts are so popular, Here are some tips to avoid a fashion faux pas. The smart and stylish Summer’s here and that means work barbecues…

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